Catawing Overview

Adaptibility to Uniqueness

Verifying an employee background
may be a need of
the hour, however validating
the source of verification is a
challenging aspect for
organizations, which leads
to organization spending a
huge sum on verification,
but missing out on the
authenticity of such verifications.

We at Catawing do not just verify information,
but rather validate the verified
input along with the source by conducting
various checks globally. Catawing
does not just provide the required BGV
service, but works with clients to understand
the problems faced by the HR
departments with respect to BGV, understand
their requirements, identify and
help fill the undetected gaps, thus providing
an outstanding service avoiding all
the surplus cost being spent on various

Our unique tool “WE – Wings
to Evaluate” enhances the
mode of verification process
offering a real-time update
on the process of each check
of a candidate, followed by a
detailed report and invoice

Principle, integrity & transparency are the key elements of team Catawing

Client satisfaction is our destination

No-compromise on quality

Deliverability before time

Combining Human Resource & Technology to create a centralised systematic structure holding verified databases of individuals evading the need to re-run background screening resulting in easy access, cost effective and accurate verified results


Accuracy & principle are the key ingredients moving us forward guiding onto the path of creating a better tomorrow for all the individuals and the organisations globally

Process transparency starting from client acquisition to invoice preparation for the service offered.

Our simple and unique “WE” enhances the mode of verification process from the initiation stage of an application creation to real-time updates on the process of each check of a candidate followed by a detailed report accompanied by invoice estimation for easy billing.

Catawing Advantages

Working under various sectors of industries across India, conducting thousands of checks globally and serving several clients, the professionals have come together to establish team Catawing, with a moto of providing exceptional service with astounding quality cost.
SPOC provide round the clock assistance with quality reports using our unique technology “WE”
Customise your BGV requirement to save on surplus cost without compromising on TAT and Quality. Network coverage across PAN India ensures work deliverability on time. Adaptability of “Teach to Learn” training methodology

Process & Technology



Validate the Educational credentials along with Institute or University recognition as per UGC or the authorized government body.


Authentication of Provided employment contents with the employers.


Various questioners put forth to the candidate reference to prepare a report on the candidate’s personal and professional attribute


To identifying and reason for any gap in the career of the candidate.


Validation of residential address of the candidate


Validation of Identity of a candidate


Scrutinize for criminal records against an individual based on jurisdictional location

Global Database

Scrutiny for an individual record through various global databases


Scrutiny for an individual record through SAM database


Scrutiny for an individual record through OFAC, OIG & GSA database

Professional License

Validation of professional license from respective sources

Driver’s license

Validation of driving license through respective regional transport office

Drug Abuse

Identification for presence of banned drugs in an individual’s body under laboratory condition


Scrutiny of an individual’s financial liability


Validation of size, strength, location and financial credibility of a firm you wish to partner with

Exit Analysis

The reason for an exit is better informed to a third person. Our exit analysis could help in identification of the employee integrity and work on reducing your attrition

Contact Info
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  • Phone:080 42173358